J. Phys. A 34, 6363-6373 (24 Aug 2001)
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Numerical study of breathers in a bent chain of oscillators with long-range interaction
J. F. R. Archilla, P. L. Christiansen, S. F. Mingaleev, and Y. B. Gaididei,
J. Phys. A 34, 6363-6373 (2001).
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Abstract: Most of the studies of breathers in networks of oscillators are limited to next neighbour interaction. However, long-range interaction becomes critical when the geometry of the chain is taken into account, as the distance between oscillators and, therefore, the coupling, depends on the shape of the system. In this paper we analyse the existence and stability of breathers, i.e. localized oscillations in a simple model for a bent chain of oscillators with long-range interaction.

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