Phys. Rev. E 61, R1044-R1047 (Feb 2000)
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Solitons in anharmonic chains with ultra-long-range interatomic interactions
S. F. Mingaleev, Y. B. Gaididei, and F. G. Mertens,
Phys. Rev. E 61, R1044-R1047 (2000).
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Abstract: We study the influence of long-range interatomic interactions on the properties of supersonic pulse solitons in anharmonic chains. We show that in the case of ultra-long-range (e.g., screened Coulomb) interactions three different types of pulse solitons coexist in a certain velocity interval: one type is unstable but the two others are stable. The high-energy stable soliton is broad and can be described in the quasicontinuum approximation. But the low-energy stable soliton consists of two components, short-range and long-range ones, and can be considered as a bound state of these components.

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