Phys. Scr. 51, 289-299 (Mar 1995)
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Bound states of envelope and Boussinesq solitons in anharmonic lattices
Y. B. Gaididei, P. L. Christiansen, and S. F. Mingaleev,
Phys. Scr. 51, 289-299 (1995).
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Abstract: We investigate a soliton charge and energy transport in anharmonic molecular systems and show that at large enough anharmonicity parameter there are two kinds of envelope solitons, one of which is a Davydov soliton. It has the usual one-bell shape and may exist at any anharmonicity. The other kind has a two-bell shape. The two-bell shape is a bound state of Davydov and Boussinesq solitons. It is caused by excitation (electron) tunnelling in the effective lattice potential.

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