Proc. of SPIE 7631, 76310K (Nov 2009)
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Design of complex semiconductor integrated structures
C. Arellano, S. Mingaleev, A. Novitsky, I. Koltchanov, and A. Richter,
Proc. SPIE 7631 - Optoelectronic Materials and Devices IV, 76310K - 8 pages (2009).
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Abstract: We present the benefits and limitations for designing complex optical semiconductor-based integrated structures by means of advanced numerical modeling. Multi-section tunable laser designs are presented and their tuning properties are analyzed for different architectures. We introduce a model of an integrated SOA with electroabsorption modulator. Its spectral properties are analyzed function of the parameters of the absorber section, showing the influence on the extinction ration of the generated signal. An InP-type Mach-Zehnder modulator is designed, illustrating the models of Kerr, Frank-Keldysh and QCSE effects. An example of a photo-detector demonstrates how dimensions and absorption parameters can be optimized to increase its detection bandwidth.

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