Proc. of SPIE 8265, 82650K (Jan 2012)
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Time-and-frequency-domain modeling (TFDM) of hybrid photonic integrated circuits
C. Arellano, S.F. Mingaleev, E. Sokolov, I. Koltchanov, and A. Richter,
Proc. SPIE 8265 -- Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits XIV, 82650K - 8 pages (2012).
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Abstract: This work addresses the efficient modeling of hybrid large-scale photonic integrated circuits (PICs) comprising both, active and passive sub-elements. We describe a new modeling approach, the time-and-frequency-domain modeling (TFDM) that improves accuracy, memory requirements and simulation speed in comparison with traditional pure timedomain method. In TFDM, clusters of connected linear PIC elements are modeled in frequency domain, while interconnections between such clusters and non-passive PIC elements are modeled in the time domain. Behavioral models of the fundamental building blocks of PICs are presented and combined in several application examples showing the robustness of the entire modeling framework for PICs.

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